Our Family

The Hartman Family is a family of 7, and each person is very unique.

Dad loves to geocache and eat weird foods.  He is always the first one to bring home an item like Gingerbread Oreos or Christmas Ham Soda.  He also coaches most of the Plants and Pillars Sports teams.
Mom is an early riser, a healthy eater, and the only one who isn't crazy in our family. Mom loves chocolate, and homeschools us 5 kids!
Esther is the oldest kid of the Hartman family and loves sports. She especially loves Soccer and Basketball. She loves photography, and her favorite foods are bread, Cici's Pizza, and ice cream.
Jenna loves to take care of babies, play basketball and dance, dance, dance. She also loves to bake cupcakes and will never turn down a good bowl of snow ice cream. And she is Esther's little sidekick when it comes to photography.
Kaelyn loves to paint and play Star Wars with her brothers. She likes to act (though she won't admit it) and is good at making new friends. She loves to eat swizzle sticks.

Peter is our first boy and very boyish indeed. He loves to fight imaginary dragons, clash Lightsabers with "Darth Bader",and wrestle with his older sisters. He likes to say silly words and drink the crazy beverages that Daddy purchases. I mean, who would turn down a Sugar Plum Soda?
And then there is sweet little Caedmon
(CAD-MON), the youngest, but growing up fast. Born in February of 2011, Caedmon likes to wrestle with Peter and build puzzles. He has a very adorable smile and loves the color purple.