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Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Holiday Letter, By Jenna Hartman

Sorry that it's taken so long to make a post, but I hope this long one makes up for it! So, I wrote our family's Christmas letter and typed it all up but by the time it was done it was already 3 days before Christmas Eve so Mom thought we should put it on the blog! So here it is and also a few pictures from throughout the year.

             Merry Christmas!
It’s that time of year again, and I’m (Jenna) in charge of my family’s Christmas letter. This Christmas letter is a school project but I’m having fun!

OK, so now I’m going to tell you a little about each person in my family (including me).
I’ll start with my awesome, super-duper Dad!
Dad’s Interview
Personal highlights from the past year:
Beginning running/Getting in shape. Running a few 5-K’s. Geocaching with my kids. Family vacation to the ocean. Visiting Gettysburg with Esther.
Something you’ve learned in the past year:
I’ve been challenged that its important to continually stop and consider the purpose and value of the work or activities in which I’m involved in, and to be sure that I’m pursuing something of real significance.  
Most exciting thing that happened in the past year:
Coaching “Plants and Pillars” basketball and soccer teams.
So, this past year Dad has really wanted to get a kayak. And one day we ended up with a big box in our kitchen, Dad had bought an inflatable kayak! One day me and Dad went down to Brady’s Run lake to kayak out to a little island in the middle, but right when we got the kayak ready we realized that we had forgotten the oars and it was to late to go home and get them so we ended up rowing out with two big, long sticks!

Now we’re on to Mom. Mom is a great teacher and also a super-duper parent!
Mom’s Interview
Personal Highlights from the past year:
Co-op Musical. Homeschool basketball and soccer. Trip to Kansas. Trip to Erie with Dad. Having a new niece and a new nephew. Homeschooling.
Most exciting thing that has happened in the past year:
Watching my family do things they have a passion for.
Something that you have learned in the past year:
That God’s world and word never, ever cease to amaze me.
Mom, in school, helps Peter with his workbooks, Esther with her math, Kaelyn with her handwriting, and me with writing projects (like this).  Mom is a great and awesome mom!!  Mom teaches science at co-op and she is doing botany this year.!!

Ok, let’s move on to Esther.  Esther is 12 years old and the best big sister ever!!
Esther’s Interview
Personal Highlights from the past year:
Going to Gettysburg with dad, Homeschool sports, co-op, “Around the World Birthday Party Sleepover,” learning photography, canvassing, and writing a novel
Most Exciting thing from past year:
Starting to teach preschool for Peter and my cousin Ella
Something I’ve learned in the past year:
Don’t get grumpy, even when things don’t go your way.
Esther has been planning for almost 2 years for her “Around the World Sleepover Birthday Party.”  She had her friends over for it and I was the tour guide and the entertainer on the pretend airplane.  Kaelyn was the flight attendant.  We pretended to visit different countries and talk to people there.  It was fun.  She also had a “Mall, Around the World Scavenger Hunt Party.”

Now we’re on to Kaelyn, my little seven-year-old sister. 
Kaelyn’s Interview
Personal Highlights from the past year:
Getting 2 new cousins, going to a Pirate’s game with Dad, learning how to ride a bike with 2 wheels, and having Pete over
Most exciting thing from past year:
Going to the Garvin’s house
Something I’ve learned in the past year:
How to read and write
Sometimes Kaelyn hates geocaching, and one day while we were at Cici’s Pizza, Kaelyn said, “If Dad goes geocaching and I don’t like it I’ll blame Mom because she got the GPS for Dad.”  And we all cracked up laughing.

Now we’re on to Peter, my 4-year-old little brother.
Peter’s Interview
Personal Highlights from the last year:
Playing Wii, playing with toys, playing Star Wars with Kaelyn and Jenna, my “Weapons Birthday Party,” preschool with Esther and Ella
Most Exciting thing from past year:
Going to the ocean and playing in the sand with my little brother Caedmon
Something I’ve learned in the past year:
I did my school books and I learned how to write my own name.
One time Peter was sitting in the bathroom and he was talking to himself and he said, “Daddy said that I can’t play Wii today.  And Mommy said I can’t play Wii for the rest of my life.  But I have to play it for the rest of my life or else Anakin can’t finish all the levels.

Now we are on to my one-year-old little brother Caedmon.
Caedmon’s “Interview” (what he would say if he knew any words!)
Personal Highlights from the past year:
Playing with brother and sisters, playing at the new playground, getting into and messing up CD’s/DVD’s, cuddling with Mommy and Daddy
Most exciting thing from past year:
Getting my brothers and sisters to laugh at me
Something I’ve learned in the past year:
To walk
This year Caedmon has been very interested in a game called Rack-O.  It has a card rack with cards to put in it..  He puts the cards in one-by-one.  When he puts a card in he has a very serious look on his face, but when he gets it in he claps for himself.  And if someone else doesn’t clap for him then he starts tapping them or whining at them until they clap.

Now the last person in our family (not the youngest), ME!
My Interview
Personal Highlights from the past year:
Dance class, getting 2 new cousins, finishing some knitting projects, getting into writing letters, starting sewing class with Wawi, going to the cabin and the ocean, getting to be able to babysit one of my new cousins (Aleta), sleeping in a tent in the backyard with Dad, and playing basketball.
Most Exciting thing from past year:
Getting to see 2 of my pen pals in Washington DC, and sleeping over at Papa Paul and Grandma Janet’s house.
Something I’ve learned in the past year:
Almost a full split in dance class!
Well, I thought that I would never want to play basketball but when I was still in 3rd grade Dad needed extra players for the 4-6 grade basketball team so he made me play on the team. Once I played my first game I totally loved it! And now I’m in 4th grade and I still loooove playing basketball.

We also went on several trips this year.  Our first trip was to Kansas for my great-grandma’s funeral . . . our friend Mrs. Agnew traveled along with us to help mom with the driving.  Dad had a tournament that weekend so couldn’t come.
Then we went to Splash Lagoon to celebrate Kaelyn’s birthday.  I went on all the water slides there.
Then we all went to the ocean in Emerald Isle, NC, with Dad’s side of the family.
Then dad and Esther went on a trip to Gettysburg.
Then mom and all of us kids went to Aunt Tesha’s house together.
Then Mom and Dad went to Erie together.
Then we went to Washington DC for my mom’s cousin’s wedding and I got to see 2 of my pen pals (soooo fun!).
Then last, but totally not least, we went to a cabin in Deep Creek, Maryland with my dad’s side of the family.

I hope you enjoyed the interview and the summary of our trips and everything else.  I sure loved writing it.

The Hartman Family
Nate, Kara, Esther, Jenna, Kaelyn, Peter, and Caedmon.


Caedmon at Phipps Conservatory during the winter
lights show (He loved the light up glass balls).
 Mom and Dad at Phipps Conservatory in front
of the many Christmas trees.
 Me and Kaelyn drawing Fort Necessity.

 Me and Peter walking back to the playground at Fort Necessity.
 Me at the history fair with my project "Fashions Of the Middle Ages".
 Kaelyn at the history fair with her project "Medieval

Esther at the History Fair with her project, "Medieval Weapons."

Peter at Splash Lagoon at the bottom of a slide.

By Jenna Hartman.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


     Okay, it's December 1st. December 1st! Oh man, already! Wow! Okay, so Christmas is in 24 and a half days. Wow.
     If you read my last post, it's a song that some of our favorite artists wrote--Happy Birthday, Jesus.
One part in there, it talks about early Christmas morning. Sometimes when I listen to that song, I feel compelled to get up REALLY early on Christmas. But when I think about it,  I would just be pressing the snooze button over and over and over again.
    The Christmas season is here. One tip for everyone, just keep Christ in Christmas!

P.S. I wanted to thank my friends Fiona and Abby for their amazing blog posts! Way to go, girls!

Happy Birthday, Jesus

There’ve been Christmas decorations up in Target, like, forever
I can’t believe it’s finally here
I’ve been hoping for a skateboard and my sister wants a dog
The three wise men had the right idear
Happy birthday Jesus
Happy birthday Jesus
Happy birthday Jesus
Bright and early Christmas morn
Happy birthday Jesus
Happy birthday Jesus
Happy birthday Jesus
I’m so glad that you were born
Last year I got a yo-yo and a water gun and legos
I can still see reindeer wrapping paper thrown across the floor
Now I can’t find the yo-yo and the water gun is busted
But the legos are still cool… this year I just want some more!
Happy birthday Jesus
Happy birthday Jesus
Happy birthday Jesus
Bright and early Christmas morn
Happy birthday Jesus
Happy birthday Jesus
Happy birthday Jesus
I’m so glad that you were born
Noel, noel, born the King of Israel
Noel, noel, born the King of Israel
We were singing Christmas carols Christmas eve
And I got a lump in my throat reminding me what I believe
How you left heaven ‘cause it’s what you had to do
To make me new
You should have heard me singing
Happy Birthday Jesus…
--Slugs and Bugs Christmas

Christmas Around the World

All around our planet Earth
We remember Jesus birth
For every kid straight haired or curled
It’s Christmas around the world
In Ethiopia they decorate umbrellas
In Mexico piƱatas swing
In the Phillippines they eat purple rice
“puto bumbong” is fun to sing
Spainish carolers play Zambomba
Germans fill their shoes with hay
If you’re caroling out on Christmas Eve
You might live in the U.S.A!
All around our planet Earth…
In Scandanavia sweet St. Lucia
Carries candles in her crown
In Brazil you get a secret amigo
You find out (when) Christmas comes around
In Croatia they polish their boots
And every kid gets a twig and sweets
In Uganda they eat luwombo
That’s meat steamed in banana leaves
All around our planet Earth
We remember Jesus birth
For every kid straight haired or curled
It’s Christmas around the world
--Slugs and Bugs Christmas

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This and That

      Sorry about the long break, we've been very busy! The last major post was...back in October! So, i'll get you filled in.
     Our soccer season is over and basketball is starting up. We finished our season with 11 wins and 1 loss, which is great. We're really looking forward to next season! Click here to find out more about our program for sports.
     Jenna has gotten really into knitting in the last few months--which is really cool. I can'y finish a stitch myself. She's also really enjoying dance.
     We've gone on a few family trips--one was to a cabin.
     Looking for pictures? Don't worry, i'll get them to you in good time(which might mean a few months).  Sorry, i've used up all of our storage for now. I'll work on it.

Love all you readers!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Kayak

A few months ago Dad bought an inflatable kayak, our first try we went with our Uncle and cousin.
It was really, really, really fun!

History Fair

We were in the history fair a few days ago! I did a project called "Fashions of the Middle Ages", Esther did one called "Medieval Weapons", and Kaelyn did one called "Medieval Castle".
It was so fun (Esther didn't think so) I scored a 50 out of 50, but I had to leave about 15 minutes into it for dance class.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let your light shine!

Let your light shine before men, so those who see might see your good deeds, and praise your
father in heaven!

After the break...

I'm so sorry for not posting! We have been very busy lately and I'll just list 2 right now: Soccer and School. We've had 2 soccer games every week and we've come down to our last one;( 
School has been going full speed, with tons of work.
Probably every blog has this kind of post--where they say sorry for not posting.
So, I'll share a few pictures since our last post. Enjoy!


Getting distracted in school

Cutie-Pie Caedmon

Lots of Hikes



Campfires in the backyard

On the way to soccer, with Abby and Fiona

And, a lot more soccer! (Photo credit Abby Grace)

Thursday, September 20, 2012


On Friday I had a great time at a murder mystery party for one of my friends. We had a great time dressing up and pretending to be a different person. I played the character, Lucy Cauhan, or something like that, a young girl and a tomboy. Wanna see my costume? Here:
It was Wild West themed


Whaddaya  think?

See my friend Fiona's view of the story, here!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

School has begun!

So, school has begun! We are a little late, but,oh well. How is it going so far?
Esther-7th grade
Jenna-4th grade
Kaelyn-2nd grade
Peter-still pre-school
Caedmon-Official trouble-maker

Jen and K


So, this one is backwards. These are my school books!

My pen box

When Mom leaves, Jenna starts writing on me. Notice the faces?

Writing on arm

Having a good old time

In-the-car faces

What do I see in the back of the car? This:
Caedmon loves to see outside

Jenna pondering things


Caedmon snoozing

Peter, smile!


But, Mom!

New Day

When a new day starts on a free day(all of summer vacation) I usually wake up at 9:00-11:00 AM, and just stay lying in bed for awhile. On a school day, Mom wakes us up, I open my eyes, go back to sleep, and Mom wakes me up again. It goes on like that for awhile, and then I eventually climb out of bed(more like fall off my ladder).
Free Day me
My sight as I wake up

My other sight as I wake up

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ballet under the stars

Me and  Mommy went to a ballet under the stars. There were lots of tables of freebies. And a professional hairstylist did my hair in a bun, then I got my pictures taken with 2 REAL ballet dancers!
My favorite dancer in the ballet show was a BEAUITFUL  ballet dancer with a blue sparkly leotard  and tutu!









(Jenna loves ballet:)--Esther)

Friday, August 31, 2012


Our family went to get free kids haircuts at JCPenny's yesterday. Now, us girls just had trims, but the boys, well, Peter got his head shaved and Caedmon got his curls snipped off. Sad, yes, but his new cut is all the cuter!
Before picture

On the way there

New cut!
Looks a lot like Peter when he was little!

Oooh, nice shave, boy!

On the way back