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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Cabin!

We recently went on a trip to a cabin we go to every year with my Dad's side of the family. It was awesome! Here are the Pics!
Almost there...


The grand entrance


The kids room



The grand room

"We can get up in 7 more minutes!"

Rainbow Loom Shop

Merry Christmas...almost!

My first introduction to, " What does the fox say?"


Caedmon and Poppy

Can you see the ice?

The 9 cousins!



The great outdoors...

Monday, November 25, 2013

When It Snows...

Here is a list of things to do when it snows:

                                                                        Get bundled up:
                                                                      Taste some snow:

                                                                  Make snow ice cream:

                                                     Snow Ice Cream Recipe

1 Teaspoon of Vanilla
2 cups of Milk
1 cup of sugar
A bunch of snow

Blend all of the ingredients together(except the snow) in a bowl, and take it outside. Fill the bowl with snow and than mix it in. Keep putting snow in until the ice cream seems just right. Then you can eat it right away!

Tip: Do not get any grass in the mix. Have Fun!
                                                         Plan a surprise snowball attack:
                                                                            Put it into action:
Try out the sled:
Take some cool pictures:
See who gets cold first:
Other things to do:
Make snow angles
Please leave comments on other things that you do in the snow!

School Days

What do my school days look like?