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Monday, July 28, 2014

Hairstyles by Jenna: Milkmaid Braids

I am starting this thing called Hairstyles by Jenna, it is going to be a bunch of hairstyles that I find different places and do on my sisters or my mom (and sometimes my friends!). Thanks, I'll show pictures of what I did and then put the link to the tutorial below the photos! EnJoy!


                         Milkmaid Braids:

                               Model: Esther Hartman

 (Esther was very nice to let me do her hair seeing that she is a tom boy!)

                                                                            Comment below if you like it! (Bad photography, I know!) And tell her how nice her hair looks!

 Link to tutorial:

Photo Shoot: Kaelyn and Audrey

Another sleepover, another chance to do a photo shoot!

Okay guys, you can be done now:)

Photo Shoot: Jenna and Ann-Marie

Jenna invited a friend over for a sleepover a few weeks ago, so I took the opportunity to get some photography experience. I'm always looking for new clients!

As you can guess, doing this with two 6th grade girls can get a little crazy.

                                                                          Thanks, girls!

Trip to our Cousins House

Recently we went on a trip to our cousins house, and it was a blast! They own a lot of land and a big house, so hide and seek was really fun there. Here are some pictures!
My cousin Emily


A contraption that Jack and myself made


Peter and my cousin Drew

"Come on Drew, look at the camera!"

My Cousin Sam

These two decided to try eating some wood for a snack. I wonder if it was tasty...

A close up of our contraption