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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let your light shine!

Let your light shine before men, so those who see might see your good deeds, and praise your
father in heaven!

After the break...

I'm so sorry for not posting! We have been very busy lately and I'll just list 2 right now: Soccer and School. We've had 2 soccer games every week and we've come down to our last one;( 
School has been going full speed, with tons of work.
Probably every blog has this kind of post--where they say sorry for not posting.
So, I'll share a few pictures since our last post. Enjoy!


Getting distracted in school

Cutie-Pie Caedmon

Lots of Hikes



Campfires in the backyard

On the way to soccer, with Abby and Fiona

And, a lot more soccer! (Photo credit Abby Grace)