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Friday, August 31, 2012


Our family went to get free kids haircuts at JCPenny's yesterday. Now, us girls just had trims, but the boys, well, Peter got his head shaved and Caedmon got his curls snipped off. Sad, yes, but his new cut is all the cuter!
Before picture

On the way there

New cut!
Looks a lot like Peter when he was little!

Oooh, nice shave, boy!

On the way back

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Just wanted to tell you that we have had 2,706 views on our blog since we started! That's a lot, and to God be the glory! May that number grow! 2 views today, 3 yesterday, 199 last month, and 2, 706 all time. Thanks readers!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Best Buds-By Peter

Me & Jenna are best buds! And we have sooooo much fun! Sometimes we play stuff like: Star Wars, Nutcracker, Baby & Mommy, and we love to dance (I want to be the nutcracker & Jenna loves to be Clara). We like waterslides, we thought about going to Great Wolf Lodge sometimes together!

                                                                    SAY BEST BUDS!!


Best Buddies!!
By Peter & Jenna

Monday, August 20, 2012

Every Picture

Every picture is something I could blog about. I could writ a poem, a story, a song about every one. A picture is a masterpiece to me. And if the timing, focus, and angle is right, it is more than a masterpiece. It is beauty.

Tackle Hug!!

Today me & Caedmon had a tackle hug!

Suprise Attack!

"Hey, I thought you were done!"

It may be a tackle, but it sure is cute.

Pictures taken by Kaelyn Hartman

By Jenna.

"Ahhhh, I have to go Caedmon just showed up. See ya!"

The Garvin's House

We took a trip to the Garvin's (our cousins/aunt/uncle). Say Cheese! here are some pictures.

Caedmon & my little cousin Abby

My cousin Emily (my age)


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Plants and Pillars Athletics

Check out Plants and Pillars Athletics page--soccer is starting soon!

Plants and Pillars Athletics: Soccer: Aug 9, 2012 Hello!   Here with a soccer update. Camp Week First of all wanted to let you know the schedule for soccer camp week...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My little bro

I love my little bro, Caedmon. He has long blond locks of hair and a cute little smile.



Ready for Adventure


Angry or Excited

Very Excited

That's my little bro!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blog Birthday!!!

Okay, so honestly, we missed our Blog Birthday. It was July 18th, and we totoally forgot about it. So, now, we're going to post pictures of birthdays over the years, and 25 things a birthday should include:
1. A big Box

2. Well, of course, you being born!!!

3. A big castle

4. A breakfast in bed

5. A fancy dress

6. Cinnamon Rolls

7. A pool

8. Some cute smiles

9. A hose falling down--or at least a bouncy house:)

10. The perfect homemade cake

11. BREAD!!!

12. Some babies

13. Eating Cake

14. Water Guns

15. Costumes

16. Of couse, being a little unnerved has to be in there too

17. A ride in a jeep

18. Cutting the cake

19. A game of soccer

20. A bunch of friends

21. Lunch fit for royalty

22. Chalk

23. A big race

24. Some Presents

25. And last, but definetly not least, silliness and fun!!!

And for a challenge: See if you can fit all of these into one birthday!!!
We have published 119 posts since we've begun this blog, I wonder how many we'll be at by next year! I still havn't gotten Mom or Dad to write here, but that will be my resolution for my blog this year. This will be our 120th post, and with more to come, i'm sure it will amount to something you really want to read, if it is not now:) 
May the 2nd year be with us:)