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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're back!

We actually went to the cabin!Yeah! And it turned out, we went to the best cabin ever! I wish that I could put a video on, but our computer has trouble uploading them, so you'll have to settle for pictures. Wawi and Poppy(Grandparents) came with, and so did the Michaliks.Our crazy family had a crazy time. Such a crazy time that it was crazy fun! The bedroom upstairs was all for the kids(8 of them up there), the kitchen was packed with food and Baconnaise(yuck, Uncle Steve), and the Living room was a total circus! People Everywhere! I should be used to that. We stayed there from Friday evening to Monday morning, and spent a wonderful time with our family. We also watched the NASCAR race, and I guess this was the biggest one, and Stevie said it was really tense. Jenna and Stevie started a café called the" SJ Café", pretty cool. They gave away free tap water, fake lemonade with fake lemons, marshmallows, frozen, crushed up, brown, apples, and much more quality food. Oh, and Audrey fainted a lot:).Pictures following:

The SJ Cafe's fake lemonade
The kitchen madness
What the race looked like
The Miracle-Peter and Ella sharing for a few seconds
The crazy family
The SJ Café owners

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