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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vacation part1: Breakdown!

So here starts our trip to NC! We got our on the road and around an hour onto our trip our car started shaking and making strange noises so we stopped at a repair shop along the side of the road. They said that everything was fine so we had lunch and got back on our way, our plan was to drive to our hotel that night. But soon after that the car started shaking again and then the noises started back up. We started getting worried so we drove to my Mom's Aunt and Uncle's house. Dad took the car into another repair shop, they said that the car needed fixing and that they could get it in early next morning. So we stayed at Auntie Meg's house that night. P.S. They had a dog named Mia that Caedmon was just attached to! He would pull her around on a leash, hide her bone and help her find it, he even read books and played blocks with her!!

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  1. She (Mia) just had surgery, that's why she had that cone around her neck.