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Friday, July 21, 2017

Candles Anyone?

So yesterday my whole family was doing something, that left me with one option.....being bored.
But I liked the idea of making candles even better, there was just one problem if you want to make a candle you need wax right?  Well that's what I thought but then I stumbled upon an idea....What if I could make it without wax!!!  So I looked it up and of course I found a website.
It occupied me for a while in the morning and so not only did I get something really fun to make I also got a long lasting candle.  If you want to make a candle like the one below:
then go to:

How to Make Long-Lasting, Wax-Free Candles for Your Home .. 

Its a really awesome DIY Wax Free Candle and it was a blast to make and I just want to say thank you to: Alyssa Woodard for sharing this incredible DIY with all of us!!! 


Hope you all loved it!  

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