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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


School started today, so I am now in middle school! Middle School! Oh, by the way, this is Esther. Jen is now in 3rd grade, K is now in 1st, and Peter is in preschool.Caedmon is in spit up stage.I never knew how much stuff there is to do in middle school! I have, let's see, 1...2...3...4, four math books! I also have a grammar book, one awesome young novelist's journal, another writing book, my schedule/reading/vocabulary/spelling book,my bible notebook, my plants and pillars notebook, my unit notebook, my math notebook, and, well, my shelf is the fullest! By the way, to any of those people who don't know, I really don't like math
         Esther M. Hartman


  1. i like your post! it sounds as though you're going to have a very full year of learning esther!

    can't wait for co-op to begin!

    mrs. agnew

  2. Great job Esther and Jenna! I really enjoyed reading it.
    Aunt Libby