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Friday, August 26, 2011

the beach

the first day we swam, boogie boarded  and played in the sand then went back to the beach house we swam in the pool and hot tub the next day we waited for dad to wake up and then got sun Lotion and went to the beach first we went boogie boring then we had a sand shop there was stuff like seaweed spice, beach goers, palm tree pie and blazing sun juice and then we looked for seashells with holes in them for necklaces then swam in the pool and hot tub the next day we went for a shell walk to find seashells we found lots of cool ones there was even colored ones,
it's a secret and then swam in the hot tub the pool was  to cold  then we went to the sweet shop and the bookstore I got cotton  candy ice creme and at the bookstore i got a fairy book a bible a sticker book a mad lib's book  a head to head book and a fairy invisible ink book 
by Jenna                  


  1. You are making me wish we could go back again, Jenna. Keep writing. I hope you tell about your first dance class! Love you.

  2. Wow, I haven't grown my hair out that long for a while!