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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Funny is he, Part 1

So, jokes are funny, April Fools is funny, but what's funniest to me is my brother, Peter. So, let's get a topic. Um, food. He's a very picky eater,even pickier than me(I know, right?). If he dosn't finish his dinner, he can't eat anything else that night and can't play Star Wars Wii. Some kids have,"You'll go without dinner" for a punishment, but that's a dream come true for Peter!

Another topic: Electronics. Peter loves the Wii and DS, like any normal boy. The game he loves most is Lego Star Wars, his favorite where he gets to be Anakin Skywalker and fight Ventress. He'll stall as long as he can to play longer, and do anything to be able to play his game. He's a fanatic!

Topic Number 3: Potty training. Peter is almost 4 years old and he is not potty trained. He gets to play more Wii if he keeps his pants dry. In the bathroom, he talks about the funniest things, sometimes we put our ear to the door to listen.

Another topic: His room. Peter shares a room with Caedmon, my other brother. Peter has a corner to himself, and in that corner he has a dresser, a toygox, and a bed. He thinks about lots of things in his bed, or so he says. He says,"I've thought about this in my bed" or,"I did this in my bed.". I guess he spends a lot of time in his bed. He goes there whenever he's angry.

Peter Quotes:
"I told them my name is Anakin, but they keep calling me Peter!!!"
"I fink i'm Dark Bater.Or, Ventress! No, I'm Anakin Skywalker!"
" Mommy once told me I couldn't play Star Wars, and now Daddy told me I couldn't play for my whole life!"(In the Bathroom)
" I go to bed, then I wake up, I go to bed, then I wake up, I go to bed, then I go to Poppy and Wawi's house, then I go to bed."(also in the bathroom)
"Well, mabye if I finish my shoes (his chore, putting away shoes) I could play Star Wars Wii?"

So, please comment, anyone who looks at this, if you're a member or not. I want to hear from you! Please give me a topic, and in,"Funny is he, Part 2", I'll talk about that topic. I hope you got just a smidge about my brother, the funnies person on earth.


  1. wow, I like tho i wake up and I go to wawie and poppies house!

    1. He is really funny, so funny I sometimes can't stop myself from bursting out laughing!

    2. Will anyone else say something?

    3. i love that part too