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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Number 12

On the 18th of April, I was officially 12! I've loved this last year, which I think might have been one of the most important yeas of my life. Why? Because of

Bright Lights has touched me so deeply in the past year. We went to a Bright Lights conference on August 16-17, 2011 in Willouby Hills, Ohio, near Cleveland. I was so touched by Sarah, Stephen, and Grace Mally's words. They said to be a Bright Light of the Lord in our youth. To shine his light. I without a doubt grew closer to God those days. These were the topics of the conference:

I bet you would love Bright Lights too. It's for ages 8-14, but older girls can come too. Check out The Bright Light Website for more info. Thanks!


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