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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ocean Trip-At the ocean, Part 5

The ocean was the greatest, coolest, best ocean around(in my opinion). Sometime in the week my camera broke down temporarily, got fixed later, but I took some pictures with Wawi's camera. So here are some random pictures of us at the beach all week.
Caedmon and my cousin Addie, playing in their kiddie pool--they loved it!!!

My cousin Ella-isn't she beautiful???

My cousin Audrey, learning the art of Hula Hooping

My cousin Stevie--one of the best pictures we got of him all week!!!

Wawi and Poppy


Mommy and Caedmon

Caedmon and Daddy



The kids playing in the sand

Kaelyn and Audrey in the waves
There are many more pictures I could add, but there would be to many!!!
We had a great time, and here's what I did:
Make Sand Forts
Get burid in the Sand
Take Pictures
Have Fun!!!

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