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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ocean Trip-Getting Ready, Part 6

There was a usuall process of getting up and getting down to the beach. Here it is.
  1. Get up at 8:00
  2. Go upstairs and eat breakfast
  3. Go downstairs and play Star Wars Epic Duels.
  4. By then the parents were up, and we started getting ready(bathing suits, getting Dad up, etc).
  5. Then we got sunscreen on, always a pain.
  6. Ask Beg Mom and Dad to go down with Wawi and Poppy
  7. Finialy, go down!!!
So, there's our routine. Here are some pictures:
Caedmon&Sunscreen--not a good mix

The best picture of me on vacation

I forgot one step--Peter attacks Stevie against his will, every day

Eating Breakfast

The sticky Caedmon

Stevie getting sunscreened, and flying like an eagle

Addie getting sunscreened--she hates it

Let's go already!!!

Waiting to go

Ready to go!!!

So cute


Don't you wish you were there?

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