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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mega post-Civil War Trip

I may have quite a few of these mega posts from now on. Anyway, Dad and I had an awesome trip--and learned a lot about the Civil War.
Dad starts the trip off by geo-caching

Having a blast at the pool

On the computer

Civil War Museum

Rest Stop

The wonderful pool

Inside pool

The battlefield of Gettysburg

Fences--very dangerous to climb for soldiers

Taking things into consideration


Getting a glimpse

Soldiors graves

This was around DURING the civil war!

They fought and fought.

Flight 93 Memorial

The coming storm

Old Bedford Village- one of the people there


Our Bus for the tour of Gettysburg

Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum!!!

They never gave up.

Rest Stop--Ice Cream!!!

Daddy and Daughter time!!!


Not-so-ready for another day:)


A not-so-lovely garden

Whipped Cream Clouds

My wonderful bed

Our hotel room

My very own bed!!!

The best picture I took on the battlefield

Ready to face another day--of craziness

The approaching storm(not a tornado, it's okay.)

Kisses Packaging Station

Chocolate-BBQ Pizza!!!

Old Bedford Village

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