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Monday, August 6, 2012


We've been very busy lately. Very. Trying to finish up summer, fitting as much in as possible. But, since it's been so busy, I'll only list 5 important things:
  1. Dad and I finished our Civil War trip--more coming on that later
  2. We also went to my Aunt and Uncle's house, a very fun time!!!
  3. Olympics!!! We love to watch gymnastics--Gabby won Gold!!!  And, I just love to watch Us Women's soccer--today I watched the most exciting game of my life!!! Well, it was also terrifying at times, and really, really, suspenseful. My favorite, Alex Morgan, scored in the last 30 seconds of overtime for the winning goal!!!
  4. We had a Yard Sale at our house--very fun but very hot!!!
  5. And, I'm actually very excited for fall! 3 reasons: I get to start an exciting writing course in school, Co-op starts again, and soccer starts!

Keep us in your prayers as we transfer into school zone!!!

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