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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Interview: Abby Grace

Our first blog interview is with my good friend Abby from my overflowing journal. Let's learn a bit about her!
(all of the pictures are hers, by the way)

When did you start blogging and why?
 I started reading blogs back in 2011.  A couple of my friends had blogs and I started to get really interested in them.  They looked like fun, and it seemed like a good way to show my photography.  I begged and begged for a looooong time and finally my parents gave the ok! :-)

Tell us about some of your interests
I have so many hobbies and interests right now.  My favorite thing to do right now is photography.  My love for it has grown in the past few years and I really enjoy it.  I started getting into skateboarding summer of 2k13 and I really enjoy.  Not to say i am a pro though.  All I can do is casual skateboarding but I hope to go to the skateboard park when summer finally comes and try it out!  Surfing is in there too and I hope to learn more about it in summer 2k14.  For a while now I have felt drawn to snowboarding, and since I got one for Christmas, I have really been enjoying it!  I am hoping to start going down bigger hills real soon. ;-)  I also love pinning on Pinterest, posting on Instagram (abby_1300), writing, and reading.

What is one really deep passion you have?
That's actually a hard question, and I had to ponder it for a while until i could answer.  Photography, but snowboarding has really become a passion to me.  I'm pretty sad right now that the snow is melting, cuz most of my thoughts are centered around snowboarding and going down bigger and steeper hills.  So yeah…my passions are photography and snowboarding.

What do you talk about on your blog and what are some of your favorite posts?
I mostly write (short stories and about different things), post pictures, and show how to's on different things.  but I really hope to start adding more topics into it, such as makeup (as i learn more about it) fashion, and DIY projects.  My favorite posts so far would have to be Ways To Stay Warm This winter, and 20 Things To Do When You're Bored.

What are 2 of your favorite quotes?
"Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid, courage means you don't let fear stop you." - Bethany Hamilton 
"The trick is to enjoy life, don't wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead." - Unknown

Would you rather watch a good movie or read a good book?
 Oh man…that one is kinda hard too.  I love snuggling down with a good book, but i still can't say no to a good movie.  hmm…i guess it depends on what the movie is or what books I have to read.

Can you tell me about your ideal reader?
Probably someone who is interested in the same things I am.  For instance, snowboarding or surfing.  Maybe they like photography.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee.  Definitely coffee.  Dark roast with caramel creamer.

What do you most like to photograph?
I really love to photograph nature, people, and events.

Give us a three sentence introduction to yourself
I've watched the movie Soul Surfer to many times to count and I could read all day if I was allowed to.  I only like to knit in the fall for some odd reason, i hate being cold, and i am not a sporty person at all except for snowboarding and skateboarding (and hopefully surfing).  I have tons of best friends, someday I want to travel to Paris and London, and one time i almost fell on my face while skateboarding.

What are 5 words that most describe you?
Christian, snowboarder, photographer, kind, & funny.

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