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Monday, January 6, 2014

Kaelyn's Art

                        This is what makes me sad battle and black is for funerals this is a battle field. My project was to look around the house for things that make me sad.  I found black Lego's, and a sharpie, my black mask and glued them together.

My project was to make anything out of wire I picked a flower because it was simple well at the time it was hard to make it but anything else would be harder it took a long long time but it was nice when I finished  

This is my earth, ear, and nose. I made the earth for fun it took a long time but I made it finally. I can find lots of ideas off the internet but I did most of it from help from my parents I made it because my project was to sculpt a nose and ear.

This is the first project I made I made it from one peace of poster board it was hard. This is my clock tower the door is a little big and I know that the clock should not all be black but it was all I could do I could not draw numbers or cut anything completely off then glue it on aging.  

These is my repeat project I had to make it out of wire or clay I love clay so I pick it the clay that I made was not so good but it worked for the picture. This picture is of two balls.  

Art projects made by Kaelyn Hartman

Pictures taken by Esther and Jenna


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