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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ocean, Hotel 1-Part 1

Okay, this title may sound pretty weird, but lots of post are going to be named something like this for quite awhile. We got back from the ocean and it was great! We has a, simply SPLASHING time. So, here are my pictures from the first hotel we stayed in, Beckley, West Virginia, a Holiday Inn.
So, we got in the pool immediately, like we always do. This was a great, big, open pool.
The big, open, pool

Peter splashing in the water

Caedmon loved the water too!

I play a game called Flotiall, where I sit on a flotie and make my way around the pool. I pretend it is a world sport.

Neat picture of the refection on the water

Getting in the water

Peter loves to swim, soooooooo much!

"I don't know about this!"
Our hotel room-getting ready to go.


Anyway, it was lots of fun!

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