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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Posting and Blogs

So, I guess you've noticed that we've been posting quite a lot lately. Yes, Jenna and Kaelyn have really gotten into the whole blogging thing. I bet you've seen a post everyday if you're a follower. Kaelyn does random ones all the time. Right now, I'd like to share some blogs which I really think you'll enjoy. Ready, Set, GO!
First is, A Lit Hill! This blog is run by my good friend Abby, and she loves to read, and gives lots of posts about her life, shining God's light, and everything else!
Next is, Flourish! This blog is also run by a good friend of mine, Fiona. She calls her blog Flourish because it is an apt description of her life. She posts things about her life, her puppy Hugo, and a new devotional!

This is the blog of Fiona's Mom, Alison! In Stuff and Nonsense, she offers giveaways, and shows cool pictures of home decorations.
This next blog features the life of 13 singing children, ages 30-5! The Wissmann Family Blog has to be in my top 3 favorite blogs, because of the fun, godly, family it's about!
Next is 3 more blogs, Bethany's Blog run by daughter of Loren and Gloria Wissmann, Andrew and Kori's Blog run by their daughter-in-law, and Josiah and Abi's Flight Log run by their son and daughter-in-law! The first one has great photography! Actually, they all do but Bethany's Blog has the best.
Bethany's Blog

Next up is Aspiring Homemaker, a blog about one woman's daily life as a homemaker, with good advice and pictures!
Also, is Damsel Arise, giving a unique bible verse saying this(below), and about her daily life!

Now, Following God Ever Day is also a great read, because of the quiet reflections she shares and the great photography that portrays everyday life from s'mores to biking.
Now, for my Aunt's Blog, The Garvin Gang. Their family of 7, and soon 8, holds some valuable times for posting!

And for the last one, The Jerome's in Steeler Country, our friends the Jerome's also have some good chances for blogging, and with this blog you'll never go dry on adventures!

Hope you enjoy my favorite blogs!

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