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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Photo Shoot

A few Sundays ago, us girls did a photo shoot-with hilarious results! Check it out!
Sisters, trying not to laugh

Jenna, checking if the picture is taken yet

Can't hold back the giggles

To big of a hug!

Looking off into the distance, trying to hold back a smile.

Jenna telling me to make a wierd face

Kaelyn-looking out into the distance

Laughing-this time on purpose

Mad faces

Happy Faces

Cold face, or a ,"Don't hug me" face

"Take the Picture" face
No matter what, we love each other

It all ended with Jenna getting mad at me because I take to many pictures, and Kaelyn following her inside, but it was a great photo shoot! Well, for the most part:)


  1. Oh I love these photos so much! Such pretty girls and pretty dresses too. :) Your blog is so sweet.